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Teacher Innovations is a one stop website that presents free and easy tech tools that may inspire new ideas for your classroom.  It's developed by school teacher Chris Chiang with a focus on increasing student collaboration and authentic work.
Chris presents tools that meet these four criteria:
1) FREE and legitimate tools 
2) Tools that require NO TECH skills
3) Tools that create SUSTAINABLE practices
4) Tools that make teaching EASIER

Don't know which tools to look at first? Lesson ideas for each tech tool:
Team Writing:
Team Presentations: Docs/Presentations
Multi-Stage Writing: Docs/Presentations
Publish Student Writing: Docs/Presentations
Making a Class/Student Blog: Making Blogs
Making a Class/Student Wiki: Making Wikis

Making a Class/Student Website/Portfolio: Making Websites
Making Online Radio Shows: PodCasting
Making Audio Stories/CDs: Audio Editing
Filmmaking: Filmmaking
Graphic Design: Photo Editing
Zine-making/Scrapbooking/Comic Book-Making:
Photo Editing
Making Study Group Flash Cards: Learning Tools
Making Timelines: Learning Tools
Making Flowcarts:
Learning Tools
Making Diagrams: Learning Tools
Conducting Surveys: Learning Tools

Tele-Conferencing: Teaching Tools
Classroom Actvitiy Stopwatch: 
Teacher Tools
Grading Rubric Maker: Teacher Tools
Creating an Online Class Group: Teacher Tools
Creating an Online Class Calendar: Teacher Tools
Sharing PowerPoints Online: Teacher Tools
Sharing Your Blackboard Online: Teacher Tools
Making PDFs: Teacher Tools
Translate Letters and Websites: Teacher Tools

Don't Have Internet or Travel Mulitple Classrooms: About Chris

Contact Chris at: govandlaw@gmail dot com
(sorry no technical support questions please)