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Learning Tools

Making Study Group Flash Cards: Quizlet
Making Timelines: Dipity
Making Flowcarts:
Making Diagrams: Gliffy
Conducting Surveys: Tiger Survey


For Use With: Making Flash cards (Foriegn languages are supported), Review Games, Taking Auto-Generated Mock Tests

Work WITHOUT Quizlet: Students making but not using or losing their flash cards. Teachers spending intensive time on 1-1 student review.

What is Quizlet?
Quizlet is a free website that lets you make flash cards by yourself or collaboratively with a group. The terms can then be shared, reviewed online, or printed for offline use. 

What use is this to teachers?
a) Helps students study faster and more effectively.
b) After Quizlet flash cards are created, it's easy for a teacher to help students who are struggling by having them review with the online tools. These tools can be useful for teacher-led whole class review as well.
c) Quizlet lets teachers know which words the students are frequently getting wrong.

Quizlet Video Tutorial:

Watch Quizlet Online Study Tool Introduction in 7 Minutes in Family  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Quizlet Sample Image:


Instructions for Creating a New Set of Flash Cards:
Create a user account:
2) Go to "Create Set." If this is a group set of flash cards, appoint one person to create the flash card set and to write down the web address generated for the new flash card set.
3) Create "Title" and "Tags." Title-Like how you would title a book: "Test 1 Review." Tags- Like how organize books by subjects: "American Revolution" or "Travel."
4) Set access levels for "Users" and "Editors." Users are who can view the flash cards and Editors are who can change or add/delete flash cards. You can require users and editors to have a password to use your flash card set.
5) To add terms, you click the "+ "button, to remove a card, you click the "-" button. There is no undo,  "-" deleted slides can not be retrieved unless you exit without saving, which will delete all changes made since your last save. Click "Save" when you are done. 

Short Cut: You can import pre-made terms by clicking "Import into this set." Make sure to adjust the formatting to fit their requirements on how to distinguish between terms, definitions, and additional terms.

Instructions for Adding Terms to a Flash Card Set:
1) Log in, then go to Flash Cards: at the website created for that specific set of flashcards (the "/" at the end of the web address is required).
2) Click "Edit." Type in password if the teacher/student has set a password.
3) Go to the bottom, click "+": Clicking "+"  adds space for the terms and definitions you wish to add.
4) Click "Save" when you are done adding your terms. 
5) Becareful with clicking "-".  Clicking "–" will delete the terms. If you do this on accident, exit the screen without saving.

Instructions for Using a Flash Card Set:
Go to flashcards at the website created for that specific set of flash cards (the "/" at the end of the web address is required).
2) Proceed with your review.

Student Review Tools Available:
a) Familiarize: Go through them like virtual flash cards.
b) Learn: Computer will ask you to type in your responses for review.
c) Test: Computer will generate a mock test.
d) Scatter: Review game where you review by connecting matching terms.
e) Print: Print preformatted flash cards or study list.

More Specific Quizlet Lesson Details:
Before a test I have students form study groups to divide up the terms. They define them, post them on Quizlet, and print them out for me to verfify. The students then use them to review for their exam. Groups larger than 6 may run across some technical challenges if they are editing their flashcards online at the same time.

Need a Quick Review Activity For Class:
Have a projector, short on time? It's faster to create a flash card set and go through the online review tools with the class then to create a review PowerPoint.

Use with Special Education:
The info organization and directness of the online review tools give structure for students with learning disabilities.  

Standarized Testing:
Quizlet is an effecient way to do a final review for state exams.

Making Uploading Group Flash Cards More Effecient:
Have the students create their terms and definitions using an outside word processor. The easier format for importing is to place a tab between the term and definition and place the next term on the next line. Example (Tab not spacebar between the two words):
Apple    Fruit
Carrot   Vegetable

Transfering One Set of Flash Cards to a New Set of Flashcards:
Click "Combine with other sets," To manually transfer, click "Export." The text it generates can be copied and pasted into the "Import" page.



For Use With:
Creating advanced timelines.

Work WITHOUT Dipity: Students would have to do this by hand or word processor, either way would make it less interactive and more difficult to add multimedia. Either way, group timelines would be more difficult to do.

What is Dipity?
Dipity is a free website that lets you create advanced timelines including footnotes, images and videos. Timeline creators can even add multiple collaborators so groups of students can work on the same timeline. Timelines can be viewed as a web interactive timeline, printed as a list, and even viewed on Google maps.

Video Introduction: not yet posted

Video Tutorial: not yet posted

Dipity Sample Image:




For Use With:
Brainstorming and creating flowcharts.

Work WITHOUT Students create their outline or flowchart on paper, making it more difficult to make changes or share with others.

What is is a free website that lets you brainstorm and create flowcharts, exploring an idea or explaining a complex concept. Your creations can be shared with others so that more than one person can work on the same project. Simple to use since the tools are built into the bubbles, rather than in a toolbar.

Video Tutorial: not yet posted Sample Image:




For Use With:
Creating advanced diagrams and flowcharts.

Work WITHOUT Gliffy: Students would have to do this with a pencil, special rulers, scissors, and glue. Group work would be more difficult.

What is Gliffy?
Gliffy is a free website that lets you create advanced diagrams and flowcharts for explaining concepts or designing the interior of a house. Your creations can be shared with others so that more than one person can work on the same project.

Video Introduction: not yet posted

Video Tutorial: not yet posted

Gliffy Sample Image:




For Use With:
Creating online surveys for research projects.

Work WITHOUT Tiger Survey: Students would have to conduct a survey in person using paper.

What is Tiger Survey?
Tiger Survey is a free website that lets students create an online survey. Students type in the questions and they create a unique web address for people go to respond to the survey. The data is presented back to the student in easy to use charts and numbers. Tiger Survey has no limit on the number of questions or respondents. For younger students, a different site; SurveyMonkey, is easier to use, but more limited in the number of questions and respondents.

Video Tutorial: not yet posted

Tiger Survey Sample Image:


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