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World History

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World History Class Blog

Blog Instructions:
Entries are awarded discussion points if posted with in that week's postings (by Saturday evening). Entries must include your first name and last name initial AND period, example: Bill L Period 3.
Note: Same school rules/consequences apply in virtual school environments (Ning) as they do in real environments.

Link to Class PowerPoints: (Slides named: "WH" To print without the black background in PowerPoint, in your print options, click under graycale, and to print as "Pure Black and White.")

Weekly Check-in (Due each week by Saturday evening, 10 Points)

Link to Project Turn-in Link or E-mail: (double check which  method you were asked to use).

Link to Mr. Chiang's Calendar

Class Docs:


Monday Evening, 4/04
1) By Monday, compete your week's 4 news clips. -10 Points 
iTunes Link: (or enter search text: "PRI's The World")
To download iTunes (you don't need an iPod for iTunes to play on your computer)
Radio Schedule: 2pm, 88.5FM
Old Homework:

Monday Evening, 1/03 (Period 6 only)
1) Bring empty notebook (8x11 size, 90 pages+)
2) Fill out first day form
3) 3 recent photographs, can be a print/copy. Must be appropriate (won’t be getting back).

Tuesday-Wednesday Evening, 1/04-05 (Period 6 only)
1) Complete Book Form Form and Learning Profile Form
2) Create a Google Account (Gmail or linking non-Gmail w. Google).
3) Join class Ning and upload a photo to your profile
Past Homework

Workbook Format:


Click below to play news video (these clips can not be used for your homework, they are not from PRI's The World):

Late Work Policy
Easy Bib (Most useful when you register for an account, only MLA is free)
Online Citation Machine (Developed by David Warlick/Landmark Project)
Web Site EvaluationMLA Guide, MLA Essay TemplateAPA Guide, APA Essay TemplateChicago Guide
Guide to What is Cheating/Plagiarism (Published by Lakeview High School)

Class Tools (all are FREE):
Free Antivirus Softare: Avira
Find and play podcast: iTunes
View PDFs: Acrobat Reader (PDF Reader with Annotation Tools: Foxit)
View PPTs (incld 07): PPT Reader 
View DOCs (incld 07): Word Reader 
Create Docs and Presentations (PowerPoints) online: Google Docs
Create Docs and Presentations(PowerPoints) offline: Open Office
Create Voice Led Presentation: Voicethread 
Create Multimedia Presentation: Prezi
Create Websites: Sites
Create Blogs: Blogger
Edit Images online: Pixlr
Edit Images offline: GIMP 
Create Scrapbooks: Scrapblog
Create Comicbooks: Comiqs
Create 3D Models: SketchUp
Stop Motion: Stop Motion Animator DV
(Freeware Serial Number: ADV00843072-243)
Edit Audio: Audacity 
Speech Tools: Xnote Stopwatch and Cue Teleprompter
Convert (+Quick Edits) Video: WM Converter
Edit Video offline: Youtube Video Editor 
Edit Video offline: VLMC

Questions? E-Mail: christopher_chiang@fuhsd dot org